Eaton Workshop: The World’s First Activist Hotel


Eaton Workshop is a hotel. But it’s much more than a hotel. Diverging from the typical industry model that prioritizes profit without regard for people and planet, Eaton Workshop sees hospitality as a conduit to catalyzing broader social transformation by building physical and digital spaces for kindred spirits to collaborate, commune, and create change.


Eaton is a subsidiary of a publicly traded hotel group. They approached us with a question: Can we convert our company to a public benefit corporation?


First, we had to educate the parent company about what a public benefit corporation is and why this structure would be good for the brand. Then we had to navigate the levels of corporate decision-makers and attorneys to gain approval for the conversion – no small feat at a publicly traded company. Lastly, we drafted the documents and executed the conversion.


Eaton Workshop is the first subsidiary of a publicly traded company in the hospitality industry to operate as a public benefit corporation.