Simple legal for startups.

A simple monthly fee gets you ongoing legal guidance for your day-to-day legal needs. It’s like getting a subscription to your own general counsel. No limits. No clock counting. Just quality advice every step of the way. Scroll down to see what’s included.

$1,500 / month


Monthly Check-ins
Unlimited Calls With an Attorney
Unlimited Emails With an Attorney
Contract Reviewing
Contract Drafting
Employment Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements
Stock Option Plan
Stock Grant
Separation Agreements
Company Policies
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Terms of Service
Privacy Policy

Is this right for me?

We’ve been working with entrepreneurs for a decade. From our experience, General Counsel covers about 80% of a growing company’s legal needs. Typically, General Counsel is the best fit for a company that is generating revenue, has found product-market fit and is at least two years old. Although major milestone transactions like incorporation, financing, and M&A are not included within the scope of General Counsel, everything listed above is included. Let’s chat to see if General Counsel is a good fit for you.


We’d love to hear what you’re up to. Of course, there’s no charge for our first conversation.