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We see the world as it could be. We resolve to make change happen. Not content to wait for better times, we strive to lay foundations now. We know that a brighter future is built by the adventurers, people like you and me, who are on the ground charting new territory, motivated by passion and obsessed with execution.

We believe in the power of the marketplace to create positive social and environmental change. We believe the world’s most complex challenges have financially sustainable solutions. We believe the people who design these solutions are driven by long-term prosperity, not only financial but also social and environmental.

We are in this together.

A little bit about Kyle.

Kyle Westaway is the Managing Partner of Westaway. He’s the author of Profit & Purpose and writes on social innovation and startups. Kyle is a Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School where he co-teaches a course on social entrepreneurship. Every Saturday morning he sends out the Weekend Briefing, an email on how innovation is impacting society.

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