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Previously in Mattermark,  a Beginner’s Guide to VC was published. What was neglected was a dictionary of jargon that insiders love to bandy about in Sand Hill Road offices.

Of course, this dictionary is not a complete representative of all the words and phrases found in legal clauses, obscure securities laws, and terms of art. But we hope this resource serves as a springboard for founders, aspiring investors, journalists, and the merely curious to learn more.


NOBL is Finally Becoming Worker Owned and Controlled

Two years ago, I started NOBL as its sole owner. This month, I am giving all of our full-time employees a piece of the business and greater overall autonomy. In five years, I want to own no more than 10% of my own company. This post is meant to explain my why, illustrate our how, and help you give away your company, too.


August 2, 2016

Converting To A B Corp

If you have an existing company, you can elect to become a benefit corporation by amending your governing documents. In most states, amendment requires a 66% super-majority vote of all shareholders. This high threshold of approval is an important element of the B Corp structure.

Converting from a traditional corporation or LLC to a B Corp changes the goals of the company and thereby alters the relationship between the shareholders and the social entrepreneur. Under a B Corp, the mandate of the company shifts from a narrow focus on pure profit maximization to a broader focus of creating a positive impact on people and planet while still making a profit.

At times the pursuit of a social / environmental impact can have a negative impact on profitability, which can create tension between the shareholder and social entrepreneur. Under a traditional corporation, the investor has the right to sue the entrepreneur if her decisions to create a social / environmental impact has a negative financial impact. (more…)



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