Say goodbye to the billable hour.

With most law firms the clock is always running, and that really adds up. It makes you wonder whether the lawyer is looking out for your best interest or their bottom line.

There’s a better way to bill. Because… ya know, it’s 2020.

Say hello to transparent flat fees.

Flat fees up front provide cost certainty for the entrepreneur. Removing the mystery in billing creates a better working relationship for both of us. Pretty simple, right?

General Counsel

General Counsel is an innovative legal service for growing companies with more consistent legal needs. A simple monthly fee gets you ongoing legal guidance for your day-to-day legal needs. No limits. No clock counting. Just quality advice every step of the way.

$2,000 / month

Per-project Flat Fees

We’re here for you whenever you need us. We make it simple to work on a per-project basis. Scroll down for the flat fees on common legal matters.


LLC Startup Package – $2,250

Corporation Startup Package – $3,800

Benefit Corporation Startup Package – $3,800

Nonprofit Startup Package – $6,250


Copyright – $500

Trademark – $1,275

Patent – Let’s discuss


Independent Contractor Agreement – $1,250

Employment Agreement – $1,250


Non-disclosure Agreement – $400

Contract Review – $700

Consulting Agreement – $1,250

Master Service Agreement – $1,650

Licensing Agreement – $2,500

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy – $2,850


SAFE – $3,000

Convertible Debt – $4,000

Series Seed – $6,500

Series A – $10,000


Equity Grant – $750

Stock Option Grant – $750

Employee Stock Option Plan – $2,000


B Corp Certification – $2,000

Annual Benefit Report – $1,500

The fine print

The prices listed above are based on standard matters and do not include state or federal filing fees. If your legal needs are more complex, we will create a custom solution for you. Either way, we will give you a clear price upfront before we start. Please click below to speak with us about your specific legal needs.